Courses Taught at the College of Charleston


Basic Language Sequence

German 101
German 201
German 102
German 202

Upper-division German Courses

German 314: Conversation & Composition

German 464: 20th century Literature 1900-1945


German 325: Contemporary Issues
German 465: 20th century Literature 1945- Present
German 390: The African Diaspora in German-speaking Europe
German 472: Classics of German Cinema
German 498 : Independent Study in German

Courses in Translation [Ltgr 270/370] and Additional Collateral Credit Courses

Film in Translation: German Film 1919-1945
Film in Translation: Postwar German Cinema
Film in Translation: German Exile Cinema--film noir
Film in Translation: Recent German Cinema (1989-2009)

Honors Seminars

Special Topics: Berlin in the Golden Twenties

Special Topics: Modern Culture/ Degenerate Culture/ Nazi Culture

Honors Western Civilization (second semester)