If you are a student in Grmn 101-202

you might be interested in the following

web exercises.


They are organized according to chapter in Kontakte (the textbook) and are self-correcting.


German 101

  Grammar explanations Exercises
Einführung A gender  
Einführung B possessive adjectives verbs
  pronouns--plurals numbers
Kapitel 1 forming questions  
  "nicht" more present tense forms
  the present tense verbs (vocabulary practice)
  separable prefix verbs translating sentences in present tense
    separable prefix verbs (vocabulary practice)
    separable prefix verbs (in context)
    present tense forms (difficult!)
    separable prefix verbs
    telling time
Kapitel 2 accusative prepositions accusative prepositions
  the case system nominative/accusative
  giving commands (the imperative) possessive adjectives: #1, #2, #3
  negating nouns: kein exercises with kein: #1, #2
    exercises with möchten: #1, #2
    verbs with stem-vowel changes: #1, #2


German 102

Kapitel 3 accusative pronouns modal verbs
  word order  
Kapitel 4 prepositions of time past participle practice
Kapitel 5 compound nouns Berufe (vocabulary)
  introduction to the dative dative forms
    personal pronouns (nom, acc, dat)
  dative personal pronouns dative personal pronouns
  dative prepositions dative prepositions
  the verb "werden" interrogatives (questions)
Kapitel 6 comparative forms comparative forms
  prepositions of destination wo vs. wohin
  prepositions of location  
  2-way prepositions 2-way prepositions


German 201

  case review of 101-102  
  word order: statements, questions, commands word order & punctuation
Kapitel 7 da-compounds da-compounds
  relative pronouns  
  wo-compounds wo-compounds
Kapitel 8 adjective endings exercises for adjective endings: #1, #2, #3
  future tense future tense
Kapitel 9 simple past
  simple past (Präteritum): high frequency verbs high frequency verbs in simple past
  pluperfect (Plusquamperfekt)  
  wenn/wann/als als/nachdem
Kapitel 10 review of prepositions + case prepositions meaning "to"
    dative prepositions
  indirect questions exercises for indirect questions: #1, #2
  review of the imperative  
  subjunctive forms of the modal verbs subjunctive forms of the modal verbs
  den Weg beschreiben  
  "würden" exercises with "würden"